Where To Find OEM Replacement Wheels For Your Car

Having owned an Audi A4 for some time now, I had the unfortunate incident of hitting a pot-hole in the middle of downtown. My rim was bent beyond repair and I have been seeking my city for reimbursement for the cost of my bent wheel. Contacting my local Audi dealership I was informed of a replacement wheel costing much more than I anticipated. After performing a Google search to look for an OEM replacement wheel I was able to find USARim who specializes in replacement OEM wheels for a fraction of the cost that my dealership was going to charge.

USARim provided me with the exact OEM replacement wheel with the tire. I was amazed at finding such a site that provides so many OEM choices for those wanting to replace one, two or even all of their OEM wheels.

About USARim

UsaRim specializes in selling Ultra-High quality OEM replica and aftermarket wheels. We proudly manufacture and distribute every product we sell to ensure you receive the best in quality, price, and warranty coverage. UsaRim products are proudly sold throughout over 5000 franchised and independent dealerships and we ranked #1 in wheel sales on Ebay & Amazon for over 4 years.

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