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Ford Adds Over 360,000 Vehicles To Takata Airbag Recall

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Tesla Employee Charged With DUI After Crashing Model 3 In California

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Authorities Arrest Two Suspects After Times Square Hit-And-Run

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Slippery When Wet: Driver Loses Control, Rolls Over Snow Bank

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Nissan Goes Airborne After Being Hit By An Audi R8

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Mercedes-AMG C63 Driver Hits NYPD Cop After Burnout In Times Square And Somehow Gets Away

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Toyota Adds Over 600,000 Vehicles To Takata Airbag Recall In The U.S.

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Pickup Rolls Over After Being Hit By Out-Of-Control Sedan

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Drunk Florida Mom Crashes Into Four Cars, Then Lets Toddler Wander In Traffic

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Ford Tells Certain Ranger Owners To Stop Driving Truck After New Takata Deaths

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SUV Gets More Hang Time Than Jordan After Hitting Driveway Culvert

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Illegal Overtake Ends With A Head-On Crash In Australia

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Speeding Semi, Snowy Road, Perfect Recipe For An Accident

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When Will It End? Takata Recalls Another 3.3 Million Airbags In The USA

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Jeep Driver Spins On Black Ice, Somehow Avoids Hitting Anything!

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Kid Attempts To Drifts Mustang, Ends As You Expect It Would

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Cement Truck Takes A Tumble After Driver Swerves To Avoid Slowing Traffic

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Speeding Audi A8 T-Bones Hummer Limo, Both Drivers At Fault?

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Toronto Police Hunting For Porsche Cayenne Arsonist

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BMW Driver Rear Ends Multiple Cars While In Distress

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1,400 Cars Destroyed In Massive Parking Garage Fire On New Year’s Eve

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Can Potholes Deploy Curtain Airbags On Your Car?

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Driver Captures Dramatic Car Pile Up On Snow-Covered Highway

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Semi Climbing On The Sidewalk Is The Scariest Thing You’ll See All Day

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Texas Home Owner Says There’s Something Wrong With This Road

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Drivers Crash As Musk’s SpaceX Rocket Lights Up LA

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Truck Smashes Through Traffic Light In Tahailand, Almost Takes Out Rider

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These Dodge Hellcats Proved Too Much Machine For Their Drivers

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2000 HP Lamborghini Huracan Spins At 200 MPH During Drag Race

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Autonomous Chevy Bolt Involved In Motorcycle Crash In San Francisco

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Honda Says Takata Airbag Responsible For Death In Louisiana

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Biker Almost Pulls Mission Impossible-Like Drift, Still Crashes

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Van Driver Makes A Mess Of Entering Roundabout, Crashes Hard

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2017 Nurburgring Crash Compilation Shows How Dangerous The Circuit Is

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Pickup Driver Goes Off-Roading In The Worst Way Possible

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Driver Does Donuts In Front Of Courthouse, Crashes And Promptly Gets Arrested