Texas Home Owner Says There’s Something Wrong With This Road

It seems this left turn is so tricky in the wet that a Texas home owner had to install video cameras just to capture all the cars that came barrelling in.

To make matters worse, this old Jeep Grand Cherokee not only crashed into the yard, it also nearly hit a pedestrian walking by. Thankfully, though, he saw the car and moved out of the way just in time.

The person who installed the cameras states that they’ve even had multiple hit and run drivers crash on their property, and that the house itself was hit back in February, followed by the fence.

“This is a chronic problem and now someone almost got killed. The city is not helping so far,” added the home owner, who also claims that most people that end up crashing at that location don’t even have car insurance.

We can’t help but acknowledge the fact that a street sign warning drivers to slow down could make a huge difference at that location, especially when the road is slippery.