Next BMW M3 Rumored to get 3 Turbos Feeding Small Displacement Inline-6

How many turbos would you like on that order? 1? 2? How about 3 turbos? As long as your ordering from BMW anything is possible as the rumor of the next generation BMW M3 is said to be powered by a 3.3-liter six-cylinder engine with 3 turbochargers. One of the turbochargers will supposedly be powered by electricity instead of the conventional exhaust gases.

Power output for the new 3-turbo engine is said to be 450 horsepower and we are sure the torque numbers should be outrageous considering the use of THREE TURBOS!

Considering how the new BMW M5 F10 continues a new tradition of turbocharged M-cars, the new M3 should be an air-fed screamer.

We know the government has been shoving efficiency down the throats of auto makers lately but will it warrant the use of 3 turbos to keep the performance that we have been accustomed too for so long now? We will see. Let’s hope BMW makes the best of this new “innovation”.

[source: Auto Express]