Mutant RAM Wrangler From Abu Dhabi Is Very Happy To See You

While calling this the “RAM Wrangler” would be the simplest way to describe it, in actuality, it looks more like something that a giant version of Cruella de Vil might drive.

This image was uploaded to Reddit by user craigchandler0398, and according to MiceTimes, the car is part of the exclusive collection of Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi.

As you can see, while the front end belongs to a RAM truck, the entire cab is from a Jeep Wrangler. Meanwhile, there’s no telling what type of chassis work was performed underneath that body kit, or what type of engine lies buried underneath the gigantic bonnet.

Believe it or not, this is hardly the weirdest thing you might find in the Sheikh’s collection, as he also owns a gigantic Jeep and Dodge Power Wagon, an old S-Class monster truck, a 6-wheel Nissan Patrol and even a house on wheels.

For the rest of us however, seeing a part Jeep, part RAM, part “I can’t even…”, makes for a rare and unusual sighting, to say the least.

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