Lap The Nürburgring In A Race-Prepped Lexus LFA

Let’s face it, aside from being seriously over-priced for the market, the Lexus LFA is also fast. Really, really fast, the kind of which that no sane driver would test the limits of on the street (no matter how many lawyers they have on retainer). What better place to flog an LFA than on a racetrack, and what better racetrack than Germany’s famed “Green Hell,” the Nürburgring. Ride along with Hiroaki Ishiura of Gazoo Racing as they compete in a recent VLN event (where they finished fifth overall). If the time of 8:24.4 seems disappointing, remember that this is a race, not a time attack, and that passing competitors on the ‘Ring is difficult under the best of circumstances. The LFA’s best time on the ‘Ring is 7:38, so the car in the video could obviously do quite a bit better on an open track.

Source: YouTube