Klutch22 iPhone App Aims to Connect Your Ride to the World

So it’s Saturday night and you want to know where your friends are cruising. You also want them to know where you are headed. Do you text them all? Do you call them? No, you use the iPhone app Klutch22 and connect your ride to the world.

The guys at Klutch22 shared their app with the staff here at AutomotiveAddicts.com and we instantly fell in love. We found something else that was actually beneficial to our car culture in the form of an iPhone app. The Klutch22 app, now available on the App store, is a very user-friendly and interactive app. The best way to describe the inner workings of the app is through the newly released Klutch22 promotional video below. It gives you the concept and usefulness of a well put together app for the iPhone.

Klutch22 Promotional Video from expoze.tv on Vimeo.

Download a free copy of Klutch22 on the iTunes App Store Here!

All of the staff at AutomotiveAddicts.com endorse and use the Klutch22 app. Remember to obey all driving and safety laws.