Jeep Driver Spins On Black Ice, Somehow Avoids Hitting Anything!

Because black ice is pretty much invisible to drivers it is extremely dangerous, as the person behind the wheel of this red Jeep Grand Cherokee found out.

Normally, people who lose control of their vehicles tend to consider themselves unlucky. In this case though, spinning like that without leaving the road or impacting other cars was actually pretty fortunate.

From what we can tell, as the Jeep crossed over in front of the dashcam car, its driver had already the brakes, which tends to make matters worse when you’re driving on slippery surfaces. Anyway, the SUV spun around 360-degrees twice before the driver managed to regain some sort of control, gently sliding the car back towards the first lane, and continuing on their journey.

According to the description, the incident occurred on New Year’s Eve in Abilene, Texas, where temperatures have dipped below freezing a few times in recent weeks.