How to Detect and Remove Personal Shield Pro Rogue Anti-Spyware Application

A PC application that goes by the name of Personal Shield Pro has been identified to be a fake anti-spyware program. Personal Shield Pro is related to a long list of fake security apps for the PC including XP Antivirus 2012 and Ultimate Guard. These programs are known to be installed onto PC already infected with a Trojan horse parasite or in some cases downloaded from a malicious source online.

Many computer users have expressed difficulties in removing Personal Shield Pro from their computer and identifying files related to Personal Shield Pro. Once installed, Personal Shield Pro is known to render several fake alert messages. These messages attempt to warn computer users of detected parasites on their system that need to be removed with a full version of Personal Shield Pro. The issue with those messages is that they have been determined to be fake. Along with the fake messages, Personal Shield Pro is known to render system scans that return fabricated parasite results. This too is a scare tactic conducted by Personal Shield Pro in an effort to get computer users to purchase Personal Shield Pro.

By purchasing Personal Shield Pro it will not add the capability for Personal Shield Pro to remove legitimate parasites, viruses or other types of malware. Better yet, Personal Shield Pro is not able to detect legitimate threats. Personal Shield Pro is nothing more than a scam and should be treated with the utmost care in removing it completely from your computer.

How Can You Remove Personal Shield Pro?

Personal Shield Pro can be very difficult to manually remove if you are an inexperienced computer user. Not to mention, Personal Shield Pro has been known to populate the Windows Registry with many different entries and removing the wrong entries could render a PC damaged or useless. The use of a reputable antispyware or antivirus tool is recommended to safely remove Personal Shield Pro from your Windows computer.

To easily remove Personal Shield Pro, find the following process and end them in the task manager. After that is done, delete each related Personal Shield Pro file from your hard drive. In additional to locating the following processes, it is recommended that you delete the Personal Shield Pro registry entries listed below as well. It is also a good idea to uninstall the Personal Shield Pro application via your add/remove programs function found in the Windows Control Panel if your system recognizes Personal Shield Pro has an installed program.

Personal Shield Pro files (and folders) to remove:


Personal Shield Pro registry entries to remove:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe”