Ford Dance Off Video: How The New 2011 Ford Explorer V6 Compares to the old V8

If you have ever wondered how the new 2011 Ford Explorer V6 engine stacks up against the 2010 outgoing V8 engine, check out the JabbaWockeeZ dance group as they demonstrate.

The JabbaWockeez dance-off is an iteration of the 2010 V8 Crew vs. the 2011 V6 Posse showing how the new Ford Explorer’s V6 touts more power and better fuel efficiency in a more Hip fashion. Whether that is the exact message that translates to the audience remains to be scene. Maybe you can decipher it and explain it to me because I am the more old-fashion type. Either way, facts are facts and the new 2011 Explorer is a better machine than the old V8 Explorer any way you put it.