BMW gives V8 sound to the MINI diesel

p20 mini-clubman1We do not hear very often how the car manufacturers design the sound of their engine. BMW is among the leader in this technology and they coined theirs as Active Sound Design.

Mini gets an engine note to make its 4-cylinder diesel powerplant sound like a V8 muscle car. The engineers actually came up with four notes which are now being tested with a Mini and with a prototype BMW 635d.

The sound technology makes use of the vehicle’s own sound system to create a better driving experience. Drivers will perceive that the vehicle is performing better when compared to a same vehicle with the same specs but without the V8 sound technology. The sound technology feeds a generated sound through the cabin via the sound system of the car while also utilizing panels to lower the real sound of the car coming from its engine bay.

BMW wants to make most of the new engine notes to push for their diesel engine units. The company believes that all the diesel vehicles lack today is the right sound added to their efficient engine and their good torque.

The sound technology involves a more intricate process of design and refinements to produce the right sound compared to old ways of sound design which primarily revolves around the exhaust system and the intake.

Autocar features a video of the car. It is a short one but you will be able to appreciate the V8 sound of the Mini Clubman.

Click here to view the embedded video.