Biker Almost Pulls Mission Impossible-Like Drift, Still Crashes

We don’t need to tell you that running though a red light is one of the most dangerous things you could ever do on a motorcycle. That said, this rider should consider himself very, very lucky.

As you can see, the crash itself wasn’t too violent. The bike managed to slow down considerably during the drift part, not to mention the wobbly, out-of-control part, right before the rider was thrown off.

The accident took place in Sydney, Australia, and thanks to the dashcam car capturing not just the crash itself, but also the moments before, we can piece together the fact that the rider had plenty of time to slow down and stop at the light.

Unfortunately, he chose to ignore both the yellow, and apparently, the red light as well, and couldn’t stay in control under braking – although that short inadvertent drift he pulled off looked like something Tom Cruise would do in a Mission Impossible movie.

Oh, as for his attire of choice, we can’t say we approve of the shorts. Horrible idea.