adds Google Plus One (+1) to Posts

We have implemented a new feature provided by Google called ‘Plus One’ (+1) to our posts. You will find the +1 button located just below the Facebook LIKE button on all of our posts.

What does the Google Plus 1 button do? Essentially, Google Plus One is a rival to Facebook’s LIKE button but characterized as a slightly different function. Basically, the Google Plus One recommendations will be shared with the context of relevant searches and eventually influence rankings of sites within Google search queries. Because is dedicated to providing original content from our enthusiastic staff members, we would love it if you helped us out by utilizing the Plus One button on our posts.

Tip: If you do not see the Google Plus One button, then you may not have a Google account or you are not logged into Google (ie: Gmail, Picasa, Google Reader, Google Calendar, Google Buzz, etc. services). Refresh our post after you have logged into Google.