Aston Martin Studying Partners For Potential F1 Engine Deal

Aston Martin appears increasingly interested in becoming a Formula One engine supplier when new regulations are implemented for the 2021 season.

In October, the FIA announced plans to retain the existing 1.6-liter V6 turbo formula but to increase the engine’s rev limit by 3,000 rpm and ditch the expensive and complex MGU-H heat energy recovery system.

Unsurprisingly, existing engine suppliers Mercedes, Renault, and Ferrari have raised doubts about the new power units. Despite this, Aston Martin believes it could help encourage the FIA to implement the proposed changes despite this backlash.

“We are acutely conscious that the current incumbents will try to bring the sport towards whatever they have right now,” Aston Martin chief executive Andy Palmer said.

“I would if I was in their shoes too. We stick out there as the disruptor, which I like. If we do an engine, we won’t do it by ourselves. We’ll start now to look for partners.

“That’s a partnership from a technical point of view and from a manufacturing point of view. We are starting that study now in parallel to the machination of the regulations, Palmer revealed.

Speaking to Motorsport, Palmer said Aston Martin has submitted a letter to the FIA and Liberty Media about the impacts of the regulation changes on an independent manufacturer. In the letter, the British marque also expressed its support for the heat energy recovery system to be ditched.

If Aston Martin does decide to venture into Formula One, it would likely supply engines to Red Bull Racing.


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