Video Takes “Stand Behind Your Product” To The Extreme

Let me be perfectly clear about something: as a firearms instructor and someone who’s fairly well versed on rifle and handgun ballistics, there is no way in hell I’d stand behind a bullet-resistant windshield, while someone fires rounds from an AK-47 at me, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the products. That’s where Trent Kimball and I differ: Trent is the president of Texas Armoring Corporation, and he does just that in the video below.

Yes, the windshield does indeed stop three rounds from an AK-47, fired at close range, but I can think of a dozen or so things that could have gone wrong. Ricochets are a real danger, and could have caused serious injury to the shooter (or even Mr. Kimball, behind the glass). Two rounds in the same spot, or even two rounds close together, may have been enough to penetrate the glass and put Lawrence-the AK-47-guy in prison for negligent homicide. Should I even point out that the shooter wasn’t wearing eye protection, or using hearing protection?

Sure the video is dramatic and it proves a point (that Texas Armoring Corporation builds strong windshields, and probably equally impressive armored vehicles), but it’s the equivalent of a auto-company CEO driving at full speed into a brick wall to prove his products are safe. The stunt can go right 100 times, but you only need it to go wrong once before it’s game over.

Source: Autoblog