iMesh P2P Sharing Software Puts Computer Users at Risk – How to Remove iMesh Malware Files

At one time, many years ago, a program by the name of iMesh was introduced to be widely used for downloading and sharing files over the internet. iMesh is essentially a Peer to Peer file transfer program. Some of the files transmitted to and from iMesh clients were illegal warez and recently many of the files have been discovered to be malicious. iMesh is used today, in some cases, as an adware platform that could distribute malware.

iMesh is not a malicious application by itself,  but it can be a gateway to many PC users downloading malicious files that could install harmful threats onto a computer. Some of these threats transmitted and installed via iMesh have been malware parasites that may be represented as a harmless video, image or other media file. Some computer users have complained of having difficulties removing malicious programs installed with iMesh or downloaded through the iMesh service.

How Can You Remove iMesh malware files and programs?

iMesh malware can be very difficult to manually remove if you are an inexperienced computer user. Not to mention, iMesh malware has been known to populate the Windows Registry with many different entries and removing the wrong entries could render a PC damages or useless. The use of a reputable antispyware or antivirus tool is recommended to safely remove iMesh malware files from your Windows computer.

To remove iMesh malware, find, end and delete the following process.

iMesh Malware files to remove:

  • attnvg.exe
  • bm_insta.exe
  • istabm.exe
  • driverpg.exe