Your 2015 Subaru WRX’s Subwoofers May Start A Fire

Listening to music in your 2015 Subaru WRX, equipped with the optional trunk-mounted subwoofer, could have disastrous consequences.

Back in January this year, the Japanese automaker discovered that items in the trunk might rub against the subwoofer wiring, moving it out of its fixed position.

If the wire is exposed to the metal frame, it could result in an electrical short, causing the integrated circuit in the subwoofer amplifier to be damaged. In extreme cases, the damaged circuit might create a continuous electrical current into the subwoofer, causing it to overheat, and increasing the risk of a fire. Turning off the sound system reportedly prevents the defect from occurring.

This condition affects 9,178 units of the Subaru WRX, from the 2015MY, in North America, put together from January 17, 2014, through April 9, 2015.

Dealers have been already informed about the problem, and technicians will inspect the wire, installing a wire retainer clip if necessary, or going as far as replacing the entire subwoofer, depending on how much damage is spotted.

The repairs/replacements will be made completely free of charge to the owners, who will hear from Subaru soon, if they haven’t already, as the recall campaign has begun on October 31.


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