VW To Fight The Appoint Of An Auditor Investigating What It Knew About The Dieselgate Scandal

The Dieselgate saga continues as Volkswagen has announced plans to fight the appointment of an auditor who has been tasked with determining what the company’s management team knew about the emissions cheating scandal.

According to Reuters, the company will petition Germany’s constitutional court to overturn a lower court ruling that would install an investigator to determine whether or not Volkswagen’s management was aware of the emissions cheating and failed to disclose that information to investors. A lower court ruled Volkswagen couldn’t appeal the decision but the company rejects that notion as they believe the action is a “violation of its fundamental rights.”

Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports the company will attempt to have the audit stopped until the constitutional court hearing takes place. Volkswagen declined to comment on the reports but confirmed it will take its case to the constitutional court sometime in the future.

Volkswagen’s decision to fight the audit obviously raises a few eyebrows and, if the audit goes forward, it could potentially cost the automaker billions of dollars if investigators determine the company knew about the scandal and didn’t disclose the information to investors in a timely fashion. Volkswagen believes they are in the clear but it’s apparent they aren’t taking any chances.

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