Video: C-Class Coupe Featured in Action-Packed Mercedes-Benz Drive & Seek Movie

I know what you may be thinking. Mercedes-Benz is attempting to recreate their own version of the famous BMW Films from 2001.You may be partly correct in thinking that but what sets the new Benz Drive & Seek movie apart from the BMW Films is about 10 years and a new-found skepticism for its lack to connect to the true automotive enthusiast.

Simply put, car people want to see some stuff blow up and maybe some Tokyo drifting action at the least. The hot bank robbers do a good job in keeping things alive in addition to the C-Class Coupe being properly equipped with a manual transmission. To conclude, Benz has made a fair attempt at showing off their all-new C-Class coupe which is just about as sexy as the girls in this short-film. If this movie does not do it for you, you can always go back and check out all of the BMW Films ‘The Hire’ on here!

[source: MercedesBenzTV]