Upcoming VW I.D Cross Rendered In Production Guise

We’re still a couple of years away from experiencing the full effect of VW’s all-electric offensive upon the automotive landscape, which will definitely include the I.D Cross.

In case you can’t tell from its name, it’s an all-electric crossover, previewed last year at the Shanghai Auto Show by the I.D Crozz Concept.

The I.D Crozz was powered by a pair of electric motors, together offering 302 HP (306 PS). Add the 83 kWh battery to the mix and according to VW, you would be doing 62 mph (100 km/h) in just under 6 seconds, with a total range of 311 miles (500 km).

The production version, which has already been penciled in as the German automaker’s second I.D model following next year’s 5-door hatchback, probably won’t be fully autonomous, unlike the concept, which had pop-up laser scanners embedded in the glass roof.

Still, if it ends up looking as sporty as this render from Kleber Silva, we reckon most people will be on-board. While the rear end design could use some work, the rest of the car looks pretty well proportioned, if you like this type of body style that is.


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