UK Drivers’ 2018 Resolutions Include Learning To Reverse Properly

With 2018 around the corner, some have already set their resolutions, most of which likely include hitting the gym more often or improving their skills in various fields.

However, Britain’s motorists might want to reconsider and include their driving skills as well, as a research conducted by Young Driver, which is the country’s largest pre-17 driving school, reveals.

One in four drivers admitted that they want to check the tire pressure and oil levels more often, being followed by 17 percent of the responders, who admitted that learning how to parallel park properly is something that they need to work on.

Another 15 percent of drivers said that they’re bad at reversing, and getting better is one of their New Year’s Resolutions, whereas 14 percent want to remain calm behind the wheel and avoid road rage.

Using a phone when driving remains a major concern, so 13 percent of the responders want to switch it off completely when they’re on the go. Always using their indicators when turning and checking the mirrors more often are also New Year’s Resolutions for 9 and 8 percent of drivers, respectively.

The list also includes learning how to reverse into a parking bay, less speeding, conquering the fear of driving on country roads, being more courteous to other road users including cyclists and pedestrians, and stop tailgating completely.