The World’s Most Expensive Flamethrower

Yes, that really is flames shooting from the exhaust.

Most flamethrowers are fairly inelegant machines, consisting of two tanks, a spray nozzle and an ignition source. The best kind of flamethrowers, though, are built of carbon-fiber, aluminum and steel, and generally shoot flames only as a byproduct of incomplete combustion.

Take the twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo in the video below, for example. The car puts out some 1,250 horsepower at the wheels, and you don’t produce that kind of grunt without sucking lots of fuel (and air) through your engine. Not all of that fuel gets burned in the cylinders, especially when you blip the throttle repeatedly. Instead, unburned fuel gets sucked into the exhaust, where it later ignites with dramatic effect.

Robert Himler owns this particularly epic Gallardo, which was tuned by the lunatics technicians at Underground Racing. If you like what you see in the video, be sure to subscribe to Mr. Himler’s You Tube channel.

Source: You Tube, via Motor Authority