The Best of BMW Motorsport: BMW M3 DTM Concept Video Introduction

BMW’s return to DTM racing after 20 years brings about the introduction of the new 2012 M3 DTM Concept Car. There are many ways to specifically describe performance cars and race cars but the new M3 DTM Concept Car is just plain mean looking. From its wide body finders to the matt black skin, you can almost be certain that this vehicle is packing some serious heat underneath its bonnet.

BMW Motorsport has announced the driver of the M3 DTM cars will be Augusto Farfus and Andy Priaulx. The BMW M3 DTM car will be powered by 473 horsepower V8 and top out around 186 mph. Mind you, these numbers are an aftereffect of the DTM technical regulations which basically “tones things down” making the racing field more “even”.


Look for the M3 DTM racer to take on Audi and Mercedes-Benz in the German touring car series next year. For now, enjoy the BMW M3 DTM Concept Car introduction video below.

[source: BMW]