Tesla Confirms Model S Details

TelslaS2011 Tesla Confirms Model S Details

Tesla has reassured all of its potential buyers that it will not be following the lead of its competition by increasing its initial price ahead of its release. Tesla has since confirmed that a base Model S, with an estimated 160 miles of range, will retail for about $57,400 with a tax credit of $7,500. The 230 mile range version will carry a $10,000 premium with an additional $10, 000 if you want a chance at making 300 miles on a charge.  $77,400 will get you the top of the line Model S 300, a limited edition of 1000 vehicles, which will initially be named the “Model S Signature Series”.

Deliveries are expected to begin around the summer of 2012 in the US, with the 230 and 160 versions coming later in the year. Tesla hopes to produce a total of  5,000 cars in 2012 followed by 20,000 in 2013. There is a two year delivery wait ahead for markets that require a right-hand drive model.