Study Reveals Ideal Car For British Motorists And It’s A Mess

If you could take any design cues you wanted from all your favorite cars and mash them together into something entirely new, what would that look like?

According to over 2,300 motorists who were polled on this issue, such a car would have the body of a Lamborghini Urus, Civic Type R alloys, an Alfa Romeo grille, Audi R8 doors, Gallardo spoiler, Hyundai i30 exhaust, BMW 6-Series lights and of course, a Bentley badge.

Which means that basically, it would be a very weird Bentley, one that also happens to be painted Electric blue, with a matte black roof and trim.

The survey was commissioned by, whose head of technical services, Richard Evans, still found something positive to say about the design.

“The final concept definitely still has a certain sporty edge though,” he stated, while adding that “we did expect two-seaters, convertibles and high-speed cars to prove more popular, so it was a surprise that larger shapes and more conventional features tended to top the poll.”

According to SWNS digital, the study also found that British motorists would gladly spend an additional £1,552 ($1,538) on average on upgrades, with a third of them loving the idea of having heated seats.