Shelby Announces Entry-Level GTS Mustang

The Shelby GTS. Image: Jerry Heasley / Shelby American

Have you always wanted a car tuned by Carroll Shelby, but lacked the price of admission for a GT350 or Super Snake? I’ve got good news for you, then: Shelby American has announced a new GTS post-title package for any V-6 or V-8 Mustang models. Starting at $9,995.00 (excluding your donor Mustang, of course), the kit gives you:

– A Ford Racing suspension, including new springs, sway bars and a strut tower brace
– A cold air intake
– A Borla exhaust
– Shelby brakes, developed with Baer
– A unique “deep draw” hood
– Black billet grille with a running Mustang logo
– A unique Shelby front fascia
– Shelby LeMans stripes and side stripes
– Shelby GTS badging and a Shelby CSM interior plate
– “Powered by Ford” side badges
– “Shelby” decklid logo

Image: Shelby American

That’s a lot of money to spend for not much more performance, but Shelby will build in as much more scoot as your budget will allow. Want a blower on your V-6 or V-8 GTS? That’s an available option, as are 6-piston brakes, wheel packages, adjustable control arms, a Watts-link rear suspension and a Shelby leather interior. You also get bragging rights, and you can make the argument that your Shelby GTS will retain more value than a backyard-built Mustang that uses comparable parts. If the value proposition works in your favor, and if you can live without your Mustang while Shelby works their magic, you’ll find more information on the GTS at the Shelby American website.

Source: Shelby American