Renault’s RS18 F1 Car Should Look This Cool

Remember what we said about the shame of Renault ditching the Lotus/JPS livery? Yeah, we take it back. This looks cooler.

It’s Sean Bull‘s latest project, previewing what the Anglo-French team’s upcoming RS18 could – and probably should – look like. And we’re smitten.

The design, as you can see, adopts Renault‘s signature yellow and black color scheme, but mattes out the black, and blings out the yellow to a nice deep (and shiny) gold – not unlike the approach rival Peugeot has taken with some of its concepts and hot hatches.

The form also predicts the shape next year’s F1 cars could take, complete with the halo cockpit protection device. With or without it, the matte black and gold has us forgetting all about whatever Lotus had cooking for those few years when the team raced under its banner.

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