Range Rover SVX Would Make One Heck Of A Luxury Off-Roader

Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations has showcased the magic it can work with products like the Land Rover Discovery SVX and the Range Rover SVAutobiography. But what would it look like if the two were to meet?

Probably something like this. It’s a hypothetical (but entirely plausible) vision for a Range Rover SVX, cooked up by rendering artist Nikita Aksyonov.

It bears all the visual hallmarks of the Discovery SVX, like beefier wheel arches, underbody protection plates, tow hooks, auxiliary lighting… all the stuff, in short, that you’d need to turn what’s already one of the most capable off-roaders into a real rock-crawling machine.

It’s reasonable to assume that, if it ever gets the green light for production, the Range Rover SVX would also pack the same 5.0-liter supercharged V8, which in the Discovery SVX produces 525 metric horsepower. In the long-wheelbase SVAutobiography and shorter SVAutobiography Dynamic, it kicks out a more prodigious 565, and in the latest Range Rover Sport SVR a massive 575.

Whatever the output, the SVX would make a heck of an addition at the top of the line. So we say: just build it, Land Rover! What do you say?

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