Rain-X Repel Wiper Blades Review

Over the course of a month’s time I installed a new set of Rain-X Repel Wiper Blades on my personal vehicle. After seeing these new ‘innovative’ wiper blades advertised as a ‘better’ alternative to conventional blades, I had to give it a try. I was a bit skeptical at first thinking any other Rain-X product I used in the past had to be reapplied many times over in a short period of time. I have to say, after a several days of steady rain in our cool 45 degree Florida-winter weather, these blades do an excellent job in ‘Repelling’ rain water from my windshield.

During my time using conventional wiper blades over the years, I have always thought someone should come out with a viable alternative that simply works better. I can’t fault my car because it does happen to have an advanced rain sensing system that automatically sets an intermittent speed depending on how heavy the rain is and your vehicle speed. The wiper blades that my new set of Rain-X Repel Wiper Blades replaced were the ones that have many pressure points leaving streaks on my windshield after they have worn-in for some time. Never did I think to replace them with the newer contoured blades until hearing one of my coworkers explain how the new ones work virtually eliminating streaks from multiple pressure points on older conventional blades.

The new Rain-X Repel Wiper Blades also use the contoured design along with a patented water-repellent application built into the blade itself. Who else but Rain-X to do something like this? They take the benefits of the infamous Rain-X product and apply it to a wiper blade. The whole concept is quite interesting. The Rain-X Repel Wiper Blades use a slow time-release of the rain-x repellent that must be activated during installation. I honestly thought installation would be a pain after reading how you must first ‘activate’ the product. Surprisingly, it only took me about 10 minutes total from the time of taking off the old blades and activating the newly installed Rain-X Repel Wiper Blades. Overall, Rain-X Repel Wiper Blades are an excellent choice no matter where you live and should help in most climatic conditions in improving your visibility. Anyone who drives knows how valuable it is to actually see where you are going in climatic conditions.