Novitec Tweaks Alfa Romeo Giulietta

German tuning house Novitec Automobile GmbH has decided to do some tweaking on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The company, known for their tuning of Ferrari’s, has experience with Alfa and decided to make some exciting improvements on the Italian hatchback. The vehicle prides itself on offering power and speed with a reasonable price tag attached.

Beginning in the engine bay, Novitec made adjustments with the full range of gasoline and diesel engines available, to squeeze out an extra 15-30 horsepower depending on the model.  Additional features include stainless steel sport mufflers, wheels with diameters of up to 20 inches and an aerodynamic-enhancement package.

The front of the vehicle will undergo some changes that will result in a reduced lift on the front axle, the rear will be fitted with a bumper with integrated diffuser and the side skirts will create a more sleeker appearance.

webalfa giulietta novitec 09 Novitec Tweaks Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Alfa Romeo Giulietta