Nissan Believes We’re Heading Towards An Efficient, Zero-Fatality Future

Are you having trouble picturing the future of the automotive world in, let’s say, two decades from now? Well, here’s what Nissan thinks it will look like.

The following video, which showcases the automotive infrastructure in the year 2040, is based on the Japanese automaker’s Intelligent Mobility philosophy, which promises to redefine the way people interact with their vehicles.

The company claims it’s not just about connectivity or automation, but also zero-emissions and even Artificial Intelligence.

One of the technologies currently under development at Nissan is their B2V tech, which stands for Brain-to-Vehicle. This technology is based on detecting and predicting what the driver means to do, so that the vehicle can take action more quickly.

The Japanese automaker also wants us to imagine a world free of traffic, with red lights being a thing of the past. Driving the road of the future could also mean recharging your all-electric car on the go, using wireless charging lanes.

The best part is that, when the driver wants to assume control and enjoy driving on a nice twisty road, he or she will still have that option. Let’s hope Nissan is right about this one.


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