New Jensen Interceptor 2014

 New Jensen Interceptor 2014

The British firm CPP are going to be building an all-new Jensen Inceptor due in 2014. This Inteceptor is not to be confused with the ‘new’ old Interceptor still available to purchase. CPP has been contracted by Healey Sports Cars of Switzerland, who own the rights to Jensen, to engineer and manufacture the new model at its West Midlands plant.

For those who need reminding, the original Interceptor was a two-door GT Coupe, convertible or hatchback, built by Jensen Motors between 1966 and 1976 in the UK, powered by a Chrysler V8 ranging from 383 to 440 cubic inches.

The new Interceptor will take inspiration from the original ‘echoing its four-seat grand tourer layout’ with the wraparound rear screen and elongated flanks while updating it with advanced technologies.

Founder and co-owner of CPP, Brendan O’Toole has said: “I started my career by restoring bodies and components for classic British sports cars, so for CPP to take the lead role in reviving this iconic brand is very exciting for the business, and for me personally.”

The price of the new Jensen is yet to be confirmed.

jensengreen New Jensen Interceptor 2014