New 2012 BMW M5 (F10) Preview Testing Video With Translated Commentary

Sometimes it is rather pointless to post a video on an American based automotive site in the German language – I am guilty of it at times. Even though I do speak some German, the majority of Americans may not understand a lick of what the German engineers at BMW are saying when they are testing the new upcoming BMW M5 as in the video below. That is why, courtesy of 5Post, we have posted a video with a translated commentary.

Just as I explained in my previous post where BMW shared a first glimpse of the new M5, camouflage must be like the new choice of colors for BMW when they introduce a new M-Motorsport vehicle. I realize that it is to ‘hide’ the design of the new M5 but come on, just show us the darn thing already.

Enjoy the preview testing video of the new M5 below!