Most Epic BMW Meet: BMW Familie 2010 at Fuji Speedway

Car enthusiasts around the world share a tradition of going to exclusive car-make or car-model meets, shows and gatherings. If you own a relatively popular sports car or classic that was mass-produced and liked by many, then you know exactly what I am talking about and have had the chance to witness or participate in such an event yourself. One culture that is serious about such gatherings can be found in Japan but this time it is to pay tribute to the likings of German engineering from the company of BMW. One of the most epic BMW meets around consisting of hundreds of BMWs hosted by Studie AG for all BMW clubs and owners. The event, dubbed ‘BMW Familie 2010’ was launched to be an annual thing but for the 2nd event they scheduled it a couple months after the first one. I guess they could not wait for all of the ‘epicness’ to be seen.

The BMW Familie 2010 was held at Fuji SpeedWay. The type of cars consisted of late model BMWs of the whole model range including BMW’s SAVs. Advan, BBS, Recaro, PIAA, AC Schitzer and Studie AG are just a few of the sponsors involved in the event.

Most notably was the kick-off of the gathering started with a long line-up of the BMWs before a parade lap of the Fuji Speedway circuit. Now if we can get together cars like this here in America more often and do some parade laps around our large speedways it would be just as epic as this one. Enjoy the images below!

Be sure to visit the sources below for additional exclusive photos of the event.

[sources: Jon Sibal, BMW Familie]