Mercedes Benz S-Class makes debut


Mercedes Benz has unveiled the new S-Class at the Airbus factory in Hamburg and its a luxury vehicle that comes packed with technological features and is bringing us closer to automated driving.

The new luxury sedan, expected to hit showrooms in September, features 3D cameras, radar, night vision and LED headlights and taillights that adjust their brightness automatically and curb power consumption.

Inside, The S-Class sees Mercedes Benz taking luxury-tech and comfort to a whole new level. The vehicle knows when cars are approaching too quickly in adjacent lanes and can warn the driver, it can drive in gridlock and when it senses a rear collision, it automatically hits the breaks and activates the hazard lights. It can also steer out of a lane if a driver is for whatever reason in capable of staying on the road.

The rear-wheel-drive S550, with a 455-horsepower V8, goes on sale in September, followed by an all-wheel-drive version and a high-performance S63 AMG model in November.

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Source: Forbes