McLaren Exec Says 2018 F1 Car Will Undergo Biggest Changes On The Grid

McLaren Racing executive director Zak Brown revealed to Autosport that the British outfit’s 2018 challenger will feature the most changes out of all the teams.

“The car’s not going to look the same as last year. Our whole brand, the visibility of McLaren, is going to go to the next level and it’s going to be exciting”, Brown said. “We know what a lot of the other teams are going to look like, but hopefully people will see the biggest change on and off the track at McLaren going into Australia.”

He added that McLaren has signed three additional sponsors for 2018 and that there’s still some work to be done on the papaya orange livery. He also mentioned that the team’s fresh new look will carry over to the garage as well, helping them stand out from the rest of the field.

“Going through that exercise developed a plan that doesn’t require a ‘title partner'”, he commented. “It still requires a ‘principal partner’, just not a ‘title partner’. I know that’s semantics there but it’s really about protecting the McLaren name. That’s all I’m trying to do is ringfence that and keep us as McLaren.”

Apparently, Brown also believes that when a sponsor’s name becomes part of the team’s name, it “slightly diminishes the value of the name of the team.”


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