Lexus To Launch LFA Tokyo Edition

lexus Lexus To Launch LFA Tokyo Edition

According to rumours, Lexus will be launching a special super LFA Tokyo edition which will be revealed at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. Toyota, who manufacture the vehicle are also expected to manufacture additional Lexus/Toyota performance cars in the next few years.

This Lexus LFA Tokyo edition, which follows the Nurburgring special, will bring an M3-esque exposed carbon roof and a hydraulically adjustable carbon rear spoiler.

The car is set to cost an additional $54,500 (about R418, 000) of the regular Lexus LFA.

While the Lexus LFA Tokyo edition is on its way, Toyota have decided to cancel the open-top version of the Lexus LFA due to the current uncertain economic climate. Instead, the Japanese auto manufacturer have been rumoured to be creating two additional vehicles: a successor to the Supra coupe as well as a front-wheel drive performance car.