Kid Attempts To Drifts Mustang, Ends As You Expect It Would

It seems like the poor Ford Mustang can’t catch a break. From Pony car drivers crashing into a crowd, to multiple owners losing control while driving out of car meets, the past few years have been tough for Mustang owners.

Unfortunately, it looks like things aren’t going to get any better in 2018.

Reddit user meltedlaundry posted a video of a fifth-gen Mustang driver losing control of the pony car and, you’ve probably guessed by now, crashing. In what appears to be a hold-my-beer kind-of moment, the Mustang comes hurling towards a corner and gets nothing but understeer, leading to the car jumping the curb and crashing into a fence.

While the young motorist is clearly a fool, props go to the people who put up that fence, because it took the impact like a champ.

There’s no information or sound, so we’re going to go out on a limb and say that the Ford driver was, stupidly we should add, trying to drift in a neighborhood. Unfortunately, the kid messed up big time and his new Mustang definitely isn’t new anymore. Hopefully he’s okay and the car’s not totaled.

Here’s a top tip: don’t try to drift a car in a neighborhood because it’s not going to end well.