Kia Stinger Deemed A Proper Premium Sports Saloon By Consumer Reports

Korean manufacturers have made strides in the last few years, yet the premium sports saloon segment is one that they shied away from. Not anymore, as Kia made the Stinger to compete in this particular segment.

The brand’s challenger to the likes of the Audi A5 Sportback and BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe is one of the most coveted cars of the year thanks to its good looks, driving credentials and powerful engines.

Consumer Reports got its hands on Kia’s sports saloon and found that, on the track, it is firmly planted and its steering is quick, but opting for the 19-inch wheels, combined with the standard suspension setup, doesn’t do the ride any favors.

Ingress and egress is not exactly easy either, because of the Stinger’slow-slung design, but once inside, you’ll get to sit in those comfortable seats and be surrounded by lots of premium materials, a generous infotainment system, and lots of safety and comfort equipment.

Space on the rear bench is kind of compromised, as passengers taller than six feet will find their heads brushing against the roof, which is due to the slopping roofline. On the bright side, though, the cargo area is more than generous, with Consumer Reports labeling it “almost SUV-like” with the rear seats folded down.

CR will soon buy a Stinger of their own to test it on the long run; until then, let’s see what else they have to say about the two cars they drove in the video that follows.