Jay Leno Takes Delivery Of His New Chevy Volt

Who else but Jay Leno has such a large car collection and has recently opted to purchase a new Chevrolet Volt? I can’t think of anyone. Jay is a one-of-a-kind person who never flaunts the fact that he has millions to spend however he pleases. Instead of Jay taking delivery of the latest exotic or luxury car, he decides to be a little on the economical side of things this day by taking delivery of his brand new Chevy Volt.

The new Chevrolet Volt is full of technology and probably enough computer power to launch the space shuttle. With that said, this car is right down Jay’s ally. It is obvious he has something against EV vehicles such as the new Nissan Leaf in the way he says that you can just jump in the new Volt and go anywhere versus the pure electric cars will only take you half way. Check out the video below as Jay picks up his new Volt from a Northridge, Ca dealership.

[source: AutoGuide via Chevrolet YouTube Channel]