If You Like HUDs Then You’ll Love What Lincoln Has Done With The Navigator

Lincoln needed a reason to brag about the advanced head-up display of the new Navigator and what better opportunity to do it than during the winter solstice, the shortest and darkest day of the year.

Lincoln claims that the HUD unit in the new Navigator is a state-of-the-art system based on a chip with 400,000 sturdy mirrors and a higher refresh rate than other system on the market, employing the same digital light processing technology used in movie theaters.

All this jargon means that the Navigator’s HUD is visible even in bright sunlight and offers a big, customizable display that shifts around the chosen information based on its importance at that given moment.

“A typical head-up display duplicates information displayed on the cluster,” said Anthony King, development lead on Lincoln’s all-new head-up display. “But this display makes for a unique and easy-to-use experience for our clients. This eminently visible head-up display and the instrument cluster serve to complement each other to ensure Lincoln clients look forward to every time behind the wheel.”

If you wanted to find out which head-up display might be the best, now you know. Lincoln offers their advanced head-up display in both the new Navigator, as well as in the Continental.



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