Honda Researching Solid-State EV Batteries

Honda is reportedly the latest company to jump onboard the solid-state battery train.

Reuters recently received word from Honda spokesman Teruhiko Tatebe that the car manufacturer is researching solid-state batteries.

At the same time, the spokesman shot down rumors that Honda was researching the tech alongside Nissan, stating that “at the moment we’re not developing them with another automaker.”

Earlier this week, BMW became the latest carmaker to confirm that it was working on solid-state batteries as the industry looks beyond the lithium-ion batteries currently used by hybrids and all-electric production vehicles.

Whereas lithium-ion batteries use a liquid or gel-based electrolyte, solid-state batteries instead use a solid electrolyte. This results in greater thermal management and energy density properties, allowing technology companies to squeeze greater range out of smaller batteries. In addition, solid-state batteries offer superior charging times.