Here’s One Commercial You Won’t Skip Over

To commemorate the 60 year partnership between Ferrari and Shell, the oil company spent a month filming vintage Ferrari F1 cars in locations including New York, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney and Hong Kong. The resulting video is nearly two minutes of pure Ferrari F1 car porn, with just seventeen seconds of advertising added (at the very end of the video) to keep the marketing types happy. The soundtrack alone makes the video worth watching, so I suggest you turn up the speakers until your ears are bleeding. If the neighbors aren’t complaining yet, keep watching it until they do.

I’m not nearly enough of a Tifosi to name all the cars in the video, but I can identify the second car (blasting through the streets of New York) as a variant of the 312, raced by Ferrari from 1966 through 1969. The next one appears to be a 312B from the early 1970s, since the 312B was the first Ferrari F1 car to sport front and rear wings. I love the detail in the video, including the period-correct clothing worn by the driver of each car. If this is advertising, I say film more of it, please.