Happy New Year From The Future, A Thousand Years From Now!

If we were to take a modern-day Coca-Cola Christmas Truck, give it a retro-futuristic look and slap it with a hover conversion like in Back to the Future, it could end up looking somewhat like this.

This study was drawn up by artist Slava Bondarenko and it’s simply titled ‘Happy New Year 3018’. While it would probably take us a lot less than 1,000 years to build this type of truck in large numbers, we do understand the idea behind it.

The original Coca-Cola Christmas Trucks first graced our TV screens more than 20 years ago in the winter of 1995. Tasked with making the trucks stand out on-screen was famous special effects company Industrial Light and Magic, founded in 1975 by George Lucas himself as part of Lucasfilm. They were also the ones responsible with bringing the Star Wars universe to life.

Of course, those of you who still get to see the so-called “Christmas Caravan” drive through your town every year, probably noticed that the trucks aren’t as well lit in reality as they appear to be on-screen.

Future tech would definitely prove helpful in that department.