Galpin Autosports 2008 Red Mist Mustang from ‘Kick Ass’ Movie Reviewed

‘A Real Kick In The Ass’ – Galpin Autosports 2008 Red Mist Mustang

The Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) 2008 Red Mist Mustang was built for super hero Red Mist in the movie ‘Kick Ass’, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who you might know better as McLovin from the movie ‘Super Bad’.

Even though the GAS Red Mist Mustang is a ‘one-off’ built for the movie, it is a real Mustang that packs a solid punch, with a Rich Evans designed bodykit that turns heads wherever it goes.

GAS got involved with the movie when Red Mist director Matthew Vaughn came over to the GAS shops looking for a possible custom Mustang to use in the movie since GAS had already built several cars for movies in the past.

Matthew met Steve Carpenter, Sales Manager at GAS, and the two hit it off as Steve saw an opportunity to build another Mustang for a Hollywood movie.  A few days later Steve met with Matthew and Rich Evans to go over sketches and plans on what the Mustang should look like and have inside for the movie.

As I said before, this isn’t a ‘shell car’ just used for several scenes in the movie, but a real, fully functional, high-performing Mustang that is a real ‘kick in the ass’ when you mash your foot down on the throttle.

With the plans and sketches penned by Rich Evans in hand, Steve went to work with the GAS crew with a 2008 Mustang GT and started to transform it into the Red Mist for the movie.

GAS built the unique bodykit true to the sketches from Rich Evans, and then had it custom painted red with Galpin Boss black paint stripes and graphics.  The factory pull-out doors were changed to Lamborghini styled scissor doors for that unique, custom look.  To finish the unique exterior look, GAS ordered custom red-on-black 20X9in. front, and 20X10.5in. rear wheels wrapped with high-performing Pirelli P-Zero Rosso low-profile ZR rated tires.

The GAS crew then added a custom cold air-intake system and a Vortec Supercharger to bring the power up to 550hp for incredible acceleration.  The Mustang’s 5-speed manual transmission was left untouched since it can handle up to 600hp.

Next, the suspension was lowered using Ford Racing springs and shocks that gives the Red Mist a more menacing stance and extra road hugging capability to match the more powerful engine.

To stop the Red Mist Mustang as fast as it accelerates, GAS fitted custom Wilwood punched and slotted, vented discs and calipers to the front and rear wheels.

Inside, the GAS crew added custom two-tone, red and black bucket seats, a custom steering wheel, red LED mode lighting, took out the rear seat and parcel shelf, added front and rear cameras with a split screen on the navigation system, fitted auxiliary gauges on the dash shelf and ‘A’ pillar to check out the vitals, located two toggle switches on the dash behind red protectors to operate the two nitrous oxide bottles located in the trunk with purge capabilities to provide the smoke-filled red mist emanating from jetting outlets on the giant front hood scoop, then finished it off with HID headlamps up front.

The movie was a hit and the GAS built Red Mist Mustang made a huge impression on the fans that bought tickets to see the move.