Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso Ride World’s Fastest Roller Coaster at Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World theme park

I use to be a sucker for extreme rollercoasters and even the Top Trill Dragster coaster at Cedar Point that launches you to 120mph in a matter of 4 seconds. The Italians have now topped that record and beat it with the launch of the main attraction at the Ferrari World Theme Park in Abu Dhabi. After all of the hype and speculation of the main ride at this park it is finally open and ready to literally ‘take people for a ride of their life’. One of the first to take that ride is Ferrari’s F1 race car drivers Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso as shown in the video below. This is an astonishing ride reaching speeds of 149mph! Don’t they look scared in the video when this ‘virtual Ferrari’ launches? Enjoy!