Driveway Or Racetrack, You Decide

Rod Millen is a rally and hillclimb racing legend, best known in the United States for his long-standing Pike’s Peak hillclimb record time of 10:04.06, set in 1994 and unbeaten until 2007. Millen’s since turned his attention to building race cars, but that’s not to say he doesn’t still enjoy spirited driving. In fact, Millen’s built the ultimate driveway at his property in Hahei, New Zealand, and the ribbon of asphalt recreates some of the most challenging corners from Millen’s years of competitive racing. His driveway features straights, decreasing radius corners, elevation changes and even blind entry, decreasing radius corners with elevation changes. You’d better be on your “A” game to visit Millen, especially in bad weather.

Millen recently celebrated his 60th birthday, so he did what any of us with an equally impressive driveway would have done: he invited friends and family over to celebrate. Better still, he encouraged them to bring their most entertaining rides, including an Audi quattro Group B replica, a V8 powered Ford Escort, Millen’s own record setting Celica (seen in the video below) and the family’s Toyota race truck. Dubbed the “Leadfoot Festival”, I’m personally hoping this evolves into an annual event. I’ve always wanted to see New Zealand, so now I need to figure out how to get an invite to Rod Millen’s house.

Source: Jalopnik, via Autopia