Driver Captures Dramatic Car Pile Up On Snow-Covered Highway

A 40-vehicle pile up occurred late last week in Muskegon, Michigan along southbound U.S. 31.

While dozens of vehicles were involved in the massive accident, nobody was seriously harmed. According to MLive, three people had to be taken to the hospital, to treat minor injuries.

The man who shot this video, one Jim Perreault who gave us the “play-by-play”, says that even though he managed to avoid hitting anybody, his car was hit three times by other drivers attempting to brake – one of them even rolled his window down to apologize.

Muskegon Township Police chief David Wypa reported that the pile up happened right after another accident took place on the freeway shoulder, between a stationary tow truck and an out-of-control vehicle.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t help but notice how people tend to exit their vehicles in situations such as these. The best course of action is always to stay put and attempt to inch forward (out of the way) as much as possible, unless your car is already stuck.

Note: Mind the explicit language