Cinquone Qatar By Romeo Ferraris Is A 248HP Fiat 500 For The Persian Gulf

We’ve seen some Fiat 500s stripped out and powered up. We’ve seen others that were luxed out to the gills. We wouldn’t think the two ends of the spectrum would fit together in the same package, but Romeo Ferraris is here to show us otherwise.

The latest project from the Milanese tuning house is called the Cinquone Qatar, and channels the, um… “spirit” of the Persian Gulf by packing everything they could fit in a 500.

The widebody hatchback packs the Romeo Ferraris’ upgraded 248-horsepower engine, custom variable exhaust, oversized brakes and adjustable Bilstein dampers to give it far sportier levels of performance.

It’s also blinged out inside with white and burgundy leather, gold trim, and deep-pile carpeting. No back seats, though, as they have been removed to make way for a roll cage and a pair of racing helmets.

Finally, there is a little table extending from the dashboard with a pair of champagne flutes. In a Muslim country, no less. But you can always use them for a non-alcohol drink, right?

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