Chris Harris of EVO Rides In BMW 1 Series M Coupe

As funny and interesting as it may seem for people to been seen driving around BMW’s prototype 1-Series M Coupe still in camouflage, it still makes for great entertainment.

You will find the video of Chris riding in the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe below. Is the BMW 1-Series M Coupe a true one-of-a-kind M-Car or is it BMW’s edition of “honey I shrunk the M3”?

From Chris’s Blog:
“At the M3 GTS launch yesterday BMW also rolled-out a 1 Series M development hack.
This caught us all slightly unawares, especially when they said they’d do a few passenger rides.

So, in the true spirit of low-quality, gorilla video I did my best to capture something.
The car is very interesting and should help drag BMW M back towards its heartland.
It’s currently running a 135i motor with a re-map and different exhaust, so the sound was slightly
disappointing. It felt quick though. expect around 340bhp from the production car Q1 2011.

Chassis wise it’s a load of E92 M3 bits wedged underneath a set of wider wheel arches.
It’s a very interesting looking thing: it’s almost square. The cambers give it that classic M-car look.”

[source: EVO]